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Self-Service Ad Hoc Reporting Tool

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Business users are often faced with the need to have one-time information or report that is momentarily needed to analyze or support decision making. As such a need may arise at any point of time, users must be empowered to immediately do the reporting and hence the name Ad hoc reporting. Users must be able to generate a report by themselves without needing help from any technical users and achieve their purpose. Ad hoc reports will allow the end-users to create detailed reports quickly, and get intelligence more easily on the fly.

Ad hoc reports are specifically made for a specific purpose or one-time use. Sometimes that one-time information may be required at irregular intervals as well. Ad hoc report allows users to customize dimensions which affect the output of the result by design, allowing them to answer business questions at the moment they desire. Ad hoc reports are, in a way, moving from static reporting (canned) to dynamic reporting mechanism.

Sathguru’s SART, a modern and innovative self-service Ad hoc reporting tool, is available to the end-users with various roles to create, modify, and save custom reports using drag and drop user interface. Reports can be multidimensional, cross-tab reports with further drill-down and visualization, or as simple as a one-page data table or as complex and rich as interactive tabular. Once a report is generated in an easy-to-read, it can be exported in a shareable format into PDF, or Excel. Further reports can be easily distributed via email or scheduled at a pre-determined time. Sathguru’s Ad hoc reporting tool is user-driven that users need to select only data dictionary terms rather than any table or column names and can prepare reports without burdening the Information Technology (IT) department.

With Sathguru's SART:

  • Instant real-time report generation
  • Automatic scheduling of reports to users
  • Multi-dimensional reporting parameters
  • Drag and drop user interface
  • Excel export with formula in pivot table

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