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Faster Communication, Making Work Places More Connected, Collaboration and Threaded Messaging At Its Best

Work Place Collaboration

Today’s enterprises are network enterprises, and employees collaborate to achieve desired results collectively.  Networks cannot be active unless they can closely communicate interactively.  Chats and threaded messaging have ruled the world for work place collaboration and quick reaction.  These work place communications enhance business efficiency through group chats, direct one-to-one chats, alerts, and notifications.

In enterprises, mostly colleagues communicate through e-mail but have a time lag to receive and reply due to its structured approach.  Collaboration tools help to achieve the same but mostly instantly, improving delivery and decision-making efficiency.  These work place collaboration tools also help to search previous threads easily for quick reference.

Sathguru’s Tetra collaboration tool is a workplace collaboration tool integrated across its cloud ERP products.  Tetra auto-creates groups intelligently to foster communication and automatic collaboration in an organized manner.  Tetra connects employees at workplace to work together and achieve the common purpose of customer satisfaction

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