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Enterprises generate several documents in support of day-to-day transactions that happen between them and other stakeholders. An Invoice is a document that supports the sale of products or services. A receipt is a document that supports receipt of money. A delivery challan is a document that confirms the delivery of products at a specific location. These documents are part and parcel of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. These documents are custom designed with logo and terms and conditions and are not universal across various enterprises.

In ERP implementation, document design takes a load on the developers due to the incorporation of custom design. Further, any change in the document design needs to come back to developers to make the change and update, resulting in not such an immediate possibility to effect the change. Sathguru’s DocInDesign, a versatile and powerful document design tool integrated with back-end ERP, allows the end-users themselves to design, build, and modify documents or business form layouts exactly as required by the organization. This gives users the freedom to design and maintain their documents, rather than depending on the IT department or external developers.

DocInDesign tool is 100% NoCode based document design tool and can be used by any citizen users without any IT developer skills. The simple user interface that mail-merges like the facility to pick and place data fields from tables through data dictionary makes the tool completely user friendly for adoption, saving precious supply chain time and improving employee satisfaction

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