Sathguru's InfoGrid -

Advanced Data Mart for quick data analysis Tool

Info Grid Tool

InfoGrid is ready to use data marts that is absolutely configurable by the user at their fingertips for immediate consumption. Being very dedicated to each functional area, our InfoGrid improves information access to end users in an intuitive manner. InfoGrid data representation is similar to a spreadsheet, where an end-user can visualize, edit, sort, filter, approve and view saved data depending on permissions granted. User can perform all data manipulations by themselves without any Information Technology (IT) dependency.

Users can access their frequently required data, change their view model in an agile manner, and comes fully constructed internally. Further, the advanced filter option provides innumerable filter options to quickly filter data, view data in a cascade mode, collapse and cumulate data in simple clicks and drops. The InfoGrid also uses color codes intelligently to distinguish data edits that need approval. The InfoGrid is designed for Citizen users to perform all functions by themselves and is one hundred percent NoCode.

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